LUV Needle-Free

Portable Laser Lancet!

uv Needle: checking your blood sugar without needles.
Diabetics don’t need to use a needle to check their blood sugar level anymore. Luv Needle is a real portable laser lancet. The divice is needlefree, less painfull, almost not visable and without hypodermal bleeding. The future of checking blood sugar without needles. The Luv Needle is not an integrated systems that gives the blood sugar values, so it does not replace the traditional blood glucose meter but replaces the needle.

  •  Needle-Free
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Less Painful
  • Five level selectable power
  • No second contamination
  • No hypodermal bleeding
  • No supplies
  • No environmental pollution

How to use
1: Check battery                                     4: Set to shot
2: Clean lens                                           5: Shot
3: Select Level                                        6: Draw Blood